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Latest Updates

18 July 2024

#ReviewThursday has Don and Rob talking Twisters this week, and remember Season Fifteen kicks off TONIGHT at 8 Eastern, so join us!

11 July 2024

#ReviewThursday is back with Rob's thoughts on Fly Me to the Moon!  We are off this week (as Rob is traveling), but we'll be back to kick off Season Fifteen next week!

2 July 2024

We may be off for a couple of weeks, but that doesn't mean we can't bring you #ReviewTuesday as Don and Rob give their thoughts on #DM4!  AND IT'S ROB'S BIRTHDAY!

27 June 2024

It's the Season Fourteen Finale TONIGHT, so join us!  It's also #ReviewThursday with Don's take on A Quiet Place: Day One!

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