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25 May 2023

Get ready, because we have A LOT for you this week with reviews of The Little Mermaid (2023), About My Father, It Ain't Over, Kandahar, and You Hurt My Feelings!  We are off for the Memorial Day weekend, but we are back next week on YouTube, so go over there and subscribe!

18 May 2023

We really hope you are enjoying the new layout and content of the site, but we know that our reviews are the thing, so check out Alex and Don's thoughts on Fast X!  We are also BACK this weekend, so get ready!

11 May 2023

It's Mother's Day Weekend, and if you are looking for something to watch we've got reviews up for Book Club: The Next Chapter and Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie!  And look out for new content next weekend!

4 May 2023

Happy Intergalactic Star Wars Day!  We may not have anything in that vein to review for you this week, Rob and Don DO have reviews of Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 3 available for you to check out!  Also, be on the lookout Monday for our live-to-tape show this weekend at the Reel Owl Film Festival with the students of Garland High School!

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