Two reviews for you this week as Alex has his thoughts on "The Greatest Beer Run Ever" and Don give his on "Bros"!  New episode Sunday night!


Two reviews for y'all this week with Rob and Don reviewing "The Silent Twins" along with Rob's thoughts on "The Woman King"!  Tune in Sunday night for a different kind of show too!


Don's got a review for you this week for "Barbarian," and we are back in studio this weekend!


One new review going into the holiday weekend, and it's Rob's for "Honk for Jesus.  Save Your Soul."!  We are off this week as well, but we'll be back next week!


Our second of back-to-back Idris Elba reviews hit today with Rob and Don's thoughts on "Three Thousand Years of Longing"!  And we will be doing home shows this weekend, so make sure to tune in!


Rob and Don start our back-to-back weeks of Idris Elba movies with their reviews of "Beast," and make sure to join us from the studio on Sunday night!


Only one review this week, with Don's thoughts on "Bodies Bodies Bodies," but we are hopeful that we will be skating at full-strength in the studio this week!


We've got THREE reviews for you this week with "Bullet Train," "Luck," and "Easter Sunday" coming your way, and we are ALL back in-studio Sunday night!


Don flies solo this week with his review of "NOPE"!  Rob is still on assignment, but tune in THIS SUNDAY as the boys do the show without him!


We're still on vacation, but #ReviewThursday still happens with Alex and Don and their thoughts on "Where the Crawdads Sing"!  We are back in studio NEXT WEEKEND!


We may be on vacation, but that doesn't mean we can't bring you content!  Rob and Don have supplied reviews of "Thor: Love and Thunder," so check those out both here and on !


Just because we are taking a couple of weeks off from the live show doesn't mean we don't have content!  Rob and Don this week are reviewing "Minions: The Rise of Gru" so check out the writtens here and the Re-motely Reviewed at VokalNow, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify!


Don carries the ball this week as he reviews "The Black Phone"!  And tune in for a MILESTONE Sunday night!


Hey, everyone!  The boys have TWO movies covered this week as Alex reviews "The Phantom of the Open" and Rob and Don handle "Lightyear"!  Check them out and check out the normal show this Sunday night!


This week is a BIG review week as Rob and Don give you their reviews of "Jurassic World: Dominion"!  And we are BACK in studio SUNDAY!









































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