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Rob Reviews "Dealt"

Richard Turner is one of the greatest up-close magicians in the world. Now, ask him and he will tell you that he is a “card mechanic,” but that is a different story. The things this guy can do with a deck of cards is nothing short of astounding. Even casino experts are wowed with his abilities and would probably love to have him on staff to show them some of his secrets.

The fact that he is blind? Yeah. There’s that too.

In “Dealt,” Luke Korem brings his sophomore effort to the Dallas International Film Festival which hosted his first film, “Lord Montagu”. Taking a look at Turner’s life on every level from performance to family and even his workout routine, Korem shows this story not only with admiration but also with a raw truth that I found very satisfying. The vulnerability that Turner allows Korem with his words and stories along with his family members, friends, and even colleagues gives a great glimpse into the life of its subject through both the good times and bad. After watching this film, I even hesitated to address his blindness due to his aversion to even discussing it for most of his life. This film is THAT powerful.

Whether you are a fan of great human stories or just a fan of really cool slights of hand, “Dealt” is a film that will keep the attention of audiences of all walks of life. With a very impressive visual style and an engaging narrative, if this film does not get a wider release for the recognition that it deserves, it will be a true shame, so go out and support this film!

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