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Don Reviews "Circus 1903"

I do not really have many memories as young child, but there are select few that will stick with me literally for the rest of my life. One of the most vivid ones was when I was five and my family took a trip to Los Angeles too see some relatives. My family there was able to pull some strings at the world’s most famous circus, and my sister and I actually ended up riding in the circus cart right in the middle of the show! I also received a special token of the event with my name printed on it, which I have framed to this day. Set aside the animal rights issues, and the circus is one of the most special and fun events you and your family can attend.

“Circus 1903” is a production presented by Simon Painter, Tim Lawson & Golden Age Entertainment and stars The Lopez family, Elena Gatilava, Mikhail Sazonav, Senayet Assefa Amara, Alejandra & Ricardo Rossi, and Francois Boire. The production is basically a tribute to the Golden Age of the circus with some incredible human acrobatics hosted by a Ringmaster (David Williamson) who keeps the show moving and interacts with the audience.

The background and set really does not change, with two acts. In the first act, the background is a set of rigs, wires, and ropes, while the second act they add the tent backdrop with some lights. Beyond that the set does not change, but it works. There is also really only one prop that stays through the entire show (the circus box car), which is used in some of the acts. The use and change of the lighting really enhanced visually to each of the acts and feats. It was impressive with a single set, but how the lighting was used really enhances the show.

This production does not use live music, but having recorded music worked fine, working with the lighting to add even more emotion to each performance. There were so many performances that blew me away by their acrobatics like a contortionist, aerialists, tight rope walkers, juggling, and other feats. This also felt like a circus show but done with elegance and done right for the entire family, but add in the comedy and a few scenes with some crowd interaction with some children, I feel this is a hit. I saw nothing about this production I did not like. Plain and simple: see this show, no matter the cost, you and your family will love this!!!

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