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Don Reviews "Wonder Woman"

In the age of the superhero films, like what DC/Warner Bros. is doing, but in some ways I hate it. If you are a loyal Empire member, you know how much I and big chunk of people out there hated “BvS”. Aside from that film, I like how they are doing a film of much of the characters of the League, now with another film upon us, did DC do it right or wrong?

“Wonder Woman” is the new film directed by Patty Jenkins (Betrayal, The Killing) and features Gal Gadot (Fast Five, Criminal), Chris Pine (Star Trek, Into the Woods), Robin Wright (Forest Gump, Everest), Danny Huston (21 Grams, The Aviator), David Thewlis (Naked, Legend), Said Taghmaoui (Three Kings, American Hustle), Ewen Bremmer (Sntch, Black Hawk Down), Eugene Brave Rock (The revenant, Hell on Wheels) and Elena Anaya (Talk to Her, Van Helsing). Diana/Wonder Woman (Gadot) lives Themyscira with the Amazons, hidden from the rest of the world as they protect of Earth from the war god, Ares. As she grows up, she wants to become a warrior, and after an unfortunate event. a pilot named Steve Trevor (Pine) lands into the world of the Amazons. Diana chooses to leave with Steve to find and stop Aries, whom she believes is responsible for World War I. Steve and Diana end up teaming together on a mission to stop the Germans from creating a evil weapon and ending the war.

The look here is different to say the least. With a film like this, there is an expectation of CGI (which is there), but there are also a lot of practical effects as well. In the Amazon world, it was mostly nature shots with little bits of CGI, and in London or the battle fields where it looked realistic, everything blended well. The acting was good overall, with cast members like Huston and Thewlis, but my issue is with Gadot and Pine, as I personally did not see the “it factor” for them as a couple. I also had issue with Gadot in the accent that she uses because I am so used to having Wonder Woman played and animated by with people without foreign accents. She did fine overall in the role, but I could not get past the accent. When it comes to Wonder Woman, just like Batman and Aquaman, DC is taking a creative license I do NOT like. For instance, Aquaman, whom I know as a blond man with an orange and green outfit, is not the new character, who looks like Rob Zombie’s cousin. In “BvS,” Batman looked like he was in welder outfit, and here the costume has changed as well, and I just am not a fan. I guess I am just more of a traditionalist in a sense.

The movie is about two hours and twenty minutes, but it did not drag. I did like the beginning with the origin story, but London section just seemed too long and too much, pushing Diana as Wonder Woman until the last half of the film. If you are looking for a ton of action, forget it; there is some in the beginning, then about ten minutes about two thirds of the way through, and then of course the big battle at the end. Now it is as bad as “BvS” where there is almost two hours of boredom and than an OK battle scene at the end? It is not, but I would have like to seen more of Wonder Woman in her full blown glory. I think DC is trying to build too much on the origin stories, but again, I did like it, including its deeper meanings. Now, I am the first to admit that I don’t have the “Greek Cred” as some of the people out there, and that is what makes our reviews great, but I am going in as the average movie goer. So, will I recommend this film? Yes! Did I hate the film? No, But are there flaws and I see errors on what DC is trying to do, yes. But I will still recommend this film as a matinee in the theaters.

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