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Don Reviews "The Big Sick"

Love stories, real and fictional, are a staple of storytelling in any form, and the concept of the “star-crossed lovers” plays huge, like “Romeo & Juliet”. Until recently, some types of relationships and marriages have been illegal, even in this country. The good news is that as time goes on, there are less and less restrictions and people are generally becoming more accepting.

“The Big Sick” is the new film directed by Michael Showalter (Love, Hello, Grace and Frank) and stars Kumail Nanjiani (Silicon Valley, Fist Fight), Zoe Kazan (What If, Fracture), Holly Hunter (The Piano, Copycat), Ray Romano (Ica Age, Everybody Loves Raymond), Anupam Kher (Bend it like Beckham, A Wednesday), Zenobia Shroff (Little Zizou, Percy), Adeel Akhtar (The Dictator, Pan), Aidy Bryant (SNL, Girls), and Kurt Braunohler (Bunk, @Midnight). Based on true events. it is the basic love story of Kumail (Nanjiani) who meets Emily (Kazan) during one of his stand-up comedy sets, which leads to multiple cultural and family issues.

This film shows Chicago in a good way, with some incredible scenery. When it comes to the acting, the whole cast does well overall, with Nanjiani keeping the same kind of mannerisms and characteristics that he has in “Silicon Valley,” showing how similar his character is to who he really is. I liked the bond that starts to grow between the characters of Hunter, Romano and Nanjiani, and their acting expertise shows on how they are able to play the parts well. I feel that every actor has their own style and they are truly made for the roles they play. A+ to the casting crew of this film.

Now to the plot and storyline; we have to be a little careful here. I tried not give too much away from what is shown in the trailer. The issue I have it that there are many sides, turns, and twists in this film that the trailer does not show. In a way the film goes in many different directions than is what is shown in the trailer. I will say that I really liked the mix of comedy and serious issues. This film is a comedy, but it is also a love story that deals with cultural, emotional, medical and family issues. This film is in a way a character study of many different people having to come together whether they like it or not. I Also thought the comedy is good and in some points nothing is safe and there are a couple very Un-PC jokes and references, but dome in a good way. If you want a good comedy and love story, I think you may like this film. I will definitely recommend this film as twilight to full price showing in the theaters.

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