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Don Reviews "I Feel Pretty"

People have always made an issue of looks, and unfortunately, part of society puts people who are attractive in a higher regard. When you look at most commercials and TV shows, you have those stereotypical models put in shows like “The Bachelor” and advertisements. However, what if you were able to go from an average looking person to a hot model seemingly overnight?

“I Feel Pretty” is the new film from first time directors Abby Kohn & Marc Silverstein. Starring Amy Schumer (Snatched, Trainwreck), Michelle Williams (Blue Valentine, Brokeback Mountain), Tom Hopper (Leopard, Merlin), Emily Ratajkowski (Gone Girl, Easy), Busy Philipps (Made of Honor, Cougar Town), Rory Scovel (Dean, The House), Lauren Hutton (Once Bitten, 54), Naomi Campbell (Zoolander 2, Ugly Betty), and Aidy Bryant (Girls, The Big Sick), it revolves around Renee (Schumer), who works in a remote (read: basement) office for a cosmetics company and has low self-esteem. One night, she makes a wish at a fountain to be beautiful, and during a session at a local SoulCycle club, she hits her head which makes her see herself as gorgeous while everyone else sees her as her normal self. Amy starts living life with a new attitude, and what follows is how her life is able to change simply by believing what SHE sees.

The film mostly takes place in New York City, and it shows the city well. There was nothing spectacular, but it was good. The acting is fine, with the normal Schumer and Bryant in this film, but even they could not save this reverse “Shallow Hal” meets “The Devil Wears Prada”. This is close to two full hours, and twenty minutes of it could easily have been cut. There was an attempt at comedy here, but it did not work; the magic was simply not there. I see how they tried to make an underlying message (which I respected), but it could have been done better. There were a FEW funny moments, but overall it was a big fail. I wasted enough on my time watching this film, so I am done giving up my time on doing this review. Plain and simple: “I Feel Pretty” is not funny, did not work, and I will never see it again.

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