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Jenn Rohm Reviews "Tully"

Director Jason Reitman and Writer Diablo Cody have teamed up once again, for the third film in their unintentional trilogy with Juno,” “Young Adult,” and now “Tully”. In it, Charlize Theron plays Marlo, who with her husband Drew (Ron Livingston) have a daughter, a quirky son, and a baby on the way. Her brother Craig (Mark Duplass) and sister-in-law Elyse (Elaine Tan) want to give the gift of a night nanny, and while Marlo is hesitant to miss important bonding time with the baby, she agrees to call Tully (Mackenzie Davis) to help ease some of her stress.

Since I have never been in Marlo’s situation, there are parts of this film that I did not fully relate to in the way that others in the audience did. It did open my eyes to a few things about what life is like during the transition of bringing a baby into everyday life, and coupled with the audience reactions of laughter, shock, shouts of “No!”, it was almost a bonding experience.

As she tends to do in a role like this, Theron delivers a character that is relatable to a mass audience and on a certain level made me want to reach out and start a friendship with her. Davis is a modern-day Mary Poppins that one minute you love to pieces and the next perhaps not so much with the rest of the cast doing their part to keep the story flowing. This may not be my favorite film of the year, this is a great night to spend out for parents to see a story that may relate to what they are going with, of course as long as you have a babysitter or night nanny.

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