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Don Reviews "Fahrenheit 11/9"

On our show, we have prided ourselves on the fact that we do not delve deeply into politics or religion, as there are plenty of media outlets that deal with those. Given that fact, we do come across productions that we are asked to evaluate that walk those lines, so when I write the name Michael Moore, it means I have to walk that line as well.

“Fahrenheit 11/9” is Moore’s latest after films like “Sicko” and “Bowling for Columbine”. A play on another of his films, “Fahrenheit 9/11,” this substitutes the previous subject of President George W. Bush with current President Donald Trump. With the film has the same style and look as most of his past documentary films, this simply shows the director’s views of the 2016 election, the current administration, and the Flint, Michigan water crisis as Michigan governor Rick Snyder managed (or didn’t) it.

Let’s be upfront here: if you love Trump, you will hate this film, and if you hate Trump you will love this film. Compared to the other Moore films, this one really pushes the envelope (and that is saying something), like suggestions that Trump may have had “relations” with his daughter Ivanka or comparisons between the President and Hitler to the point where Moore accuses him of wanting to turn America from a democracy to a dictatorship. I have very little doubt that the political right will be going crazy over some of the references this film of his in particular.

I have seen most of Michael Moore movies and I like some of his work, and “Fahrenheit 11/9” is in the same style as the rest of his films to a bit more of an extreme. If you are an extreme Christian conservative, I cannot recommend this film for you. If you are a Moore fan, I think you will like it, so I will recommend this film as a afternoon showing in the theaters.

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