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  • Don Ford

Don Reviews "Happy Death Day 2 U"

It’s déjà vu all over again as the sequel to “Happy Death Day” is here! Simply titled “Happy Death Day 2 U,” the cast of Jessica Rothe (La La Land), Israel Broussard (The Bling Ring), Ruby Modine (Shameless), Suraj Sharma (Life of Pi), Charles Aitken (The Knick), and Phi Vu (Logan, Pitch Perfect 2) along with director Christopher Landon return the day after the original film’s ending. This time it is Ryan (Vu) who is stuck in the world where if he is murdered, he wakes up starting the day all over again. After some investigating, they figured it was a college lab science experiment that have been working on that has affected the space/time continuum which results in the crew repeating the events of the first film as they try to put things back to “normal”.

Since this takes place in the same campus as the first film and has the same director, the feel connects both films very well. Rothe does a good job again, but I have to give it to Vu, who steps up in this one to help tell a different story within the story well, also keeping the solid mix of comedy and horror intact that was such a big (and effective) part of “Happy Death Day”. At about a hundred minutes, this again matches the film that came before it by pacing itself well. I really enjoyed how they were able to work both films into each other, even though it does get a little complicated when the add in the space/time continuum, which is really my only real gripe here. Given my overall distain for remakes and horrible sequels, but I was a little surprised how much I did enjoy it, so I will recommend “Happy Death Day 2 U” as matinee to twilight showing in the theaters.

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