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Rob Reviews "John Wick, Chapter 3: Parabellum"

The character of John Wick seems like one of those that if you meet him, it’s already too late for you, and Keanu Reeves’ decision to play the character for his long-time stunt double, Chad Stahelski’s directorial debut was the thing that launched his career back into the fast lane. The first film was so popular that a trilogy was announced, and the third part is upon us with “John Wick, Chapter 3: Parabellum”.

Taken from the Latin for “prepare for war,” this one takes place right after it’s predecessor ends, as John is on the run and about to be labeled “ex communicado” by “The High Table,” a worldwide network of assassins. Couple that with a fourteen million dollar bounty on his life, Wick goes on the run avoiding his former colleagues and cashing in favors to get across the ocean in search of the one person “The High Table” reports to in order to try and make amends and get his life back on as much of a track it has ever been.

This is a VERY quick two hours and ten minutes that is filled with impressive fight choreography, flashy visuals, and rock solid cinematography that would make even the strictest of critics of this genre take notice. It’s still graphic in its presentation of its violence, but it works within the context of the story that it is telling. Reeves seems like he could play this character for another decade should he choose to do so (and if it makes the money, they ain’t stoppin’ at three), and I can only imagine how much fun they had making it. The other regulars add to the fun in Ian McShane (whom I could watch read the phone book), Lance Reddick, and Laurence Fishburne, and there are some additions like Angelica Houston, Asia Kate Dillon, Mark Dacascos, and even Halle Berry. I enjoyed the work of all but the latter (especially Dacascos), but Berry did not seem to add anything to the story. Understand that she only exists in about ten minutes of it, and her character is not really that necessary to further the story, but it just kind of is what it is. This all works its way up to a fever pitch of a climax that is nothing short of a symphony of bullets, broken bones, and quippy one liners that is pure eye and ear candy for those of us that love that kind of thing. And sometimes, you shouldn’t be careful what you wish for as co-host of “How Did This Get Made,” Jason Mantzoukas puts to the universe that he wants to be in this, AND GETS TO BE. (I guess I need to do this more on our show.)

Overall, this is a fun film to go to with your buddies and as I like to paraphrase the great David Letterman, “watch stuff ‘splode”. Whether or not this concludes the “John Wick” story is to be seen, but if so, I am TOTALLY cool with that.

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