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Don Reviews "Barbarian"

I recently reviewed a horror film and spoke at length about what I am calling “The Geico Effect” based on one of their popular commercials where a victim is being chased and has to make a choice between an already running car and a curtain of chainsaws to hide behind. This is a common occurrence in most horror films, and since we are talking horror films let’s get into “Barbarian”.

Directed by Zach Cregger (Newsboyz, and he’s in it too), Georgina Campbell plays Tess, an Airbnb customer who arrives at her rental and discovers it has been double-booked with Keith (Bill Skarsgard). Realizing the home is not in the best of neighborhoods and bad weather rolling in, the two decided to share the house as things get bad to worse in a film that is DEFNINTELY not one you want to bring the family to.

As one of our horror specialists on our show (Rob TOTALLY isn’t, and he’ll tell you that), there are a few scenes here that even made me cringe and want to stop eating my snacks as the story progressed paired with very strong cinematography and camera angles. The house itself was even perfect for this film, making the tense scenes even more so.

If I have one gripe with “Barbarian,” it would be that there was too much of the above mentioned “The Geico Effect” with SO many scenes where Tess makes the wrong choices, and although there would be no film if she made the right choices, it happened more than it really should have. Even with this, the film also takes a crazy left turn later I did not see coming. This twist is written so well that in a regular horror film where I would be silent and glued to the screen, literally every person in the audience was laughing in the best way. Even though this film is violent and disgusting, as a fan of the genre I would recommend this film as a matinee showing in the theater.


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