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Don Reviews "Last Night in Soho"

Throughout history, time travel has been one of those things that has been debated by people of all walks of life; would you go back and stop tragedy from striking or use the ability to set your “future” self up financially? Edgar Wright addresses this in a different kind of way with “Last Night in Soho”.

Starring Thomas McKenzie (Jojo Rabbit), Anya Taylor-Joy (The Witch), Matt Smith (The Crown), Terence Stamp, Michael Ajao (Attack the Block) and Diana Rigg, Eloise (McKenzie) gets accepted in a prestigious fashion school in London. After she rents a room from the house of Ms. Collins (Rigg) in a historic area, she ends up having “dreams” of her being in the body of Sandie (Taylor-Joy) in 1966 which may stem from Sandie living in that same room during that time. Each night as she sleeps, she learns more about Sandie and her personal story as a headline singer at a famous club which starts glamourous and then turns darker. During her waking hours, Eloise takes this information to the police, saying she has information on a possible cold case and as she learns more the past coming to life starts to affect Eloise personally as some people try to keep the secrets of the past buried.

When a film has legends like Stamp and Rigg, there is a level of expectation and they do not disappoint. The big shout-outs for me are for Taylor-Joy and McKenzie; the latter shows the timid Eloise but evolves as she ties more into Sandie who has a totally different personality. When it came to the overall tone and feel here, I was impressed with how the time jumped back and forth and kept the sets looking sharp.

I really liked the premise for about the first half of “Last Night in Soho, but after that, it just started to turn really weird. I totally understand the concept of suspension of disbelief, but this just takes that to an extreme and got itself out of synch This film has some good points and a great premise, but the plot just got too out of sync. Because of that, I will recommend this film to be seen more at home on cable than anything else.

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