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Don Reviews "The Beekeeper"

Here are some fun facts: bees are responsible for 1/3 of the food you eat from pollinating 75% of the world’s plants and 35% of the crops to the honey they make, which is the only food that humans consume that is made for insects.  I am actually fascinated by bees and  intentionally have some plants in my yard that attracts them like my peach trees, which they pollinate. Beekeeping is also the career of about 18,00 people, and in the new film matching its name, it goes to a whole new level.


David Ayer (Fury) directs a cast that includes. The film stars Jason Statham, Emmy Raver-Lampman, Bobby Naderi, Jeremy Irons, Minnie Driver, Phylicia Rashad, Josh Hutcherson, David Witts and Jemma Redgrave.  Statham plays Adam Clay, who lives a quiet life as a beekeeper and lives in a room on a farm rented from Eloise Parker (Rashad).  Eloise becomes a victim of cybercrime, which sends Clay on a mission to avenge the wrong that has been done to her due to his past as a member of a secret government organization tasked with “protecting the hive”.  His mission catches the attention of not only the group that preyed on Eloise to the government and so much more.


This film has well-known veterans like Statham (who does what he does), Irons, Driver and Rashad, which is rare for a “shoot-em-up” film, and they do a good job.  However, if I had one downside to the cast, it is in Raver-Lampman’s FBI agent Verona Parker, who overdid it a tad too much. It is shot well and works well with the action that goes on around it to a point where I really found it setting itself apart from other films like it that I have seen.


From a storytelling standpoint overall, I enjoyed The Beekeeper with a good main story at the heart of it of taking on cybercriminals with a solid amount of suspension of disbelief without going too far.  On the downside, I did not like how they made Clay take on multiple people at the same time without a scratch like he is a real-life Superman.  Each generation has their big-name action start like Van-Damme, Lundgren and Schwarzenegger, and this one has Statham as theirs.  Go into this film knowing what you are going to get, and I will recommend it as a weekend matinee in the theaters.

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