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Rob Reviews "The Rocky Horror Show"

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is one of those things that has captured multiple generations at theaters around the world by being the first real interactive motion picture experience. With the use of live performance, props, and specific reactions yelled by the audience at the screen, it is truly one of those things that has to be seen to be believed. While most also know the existence of the stage version, The Rocky Horror Show, not a lot of people know that it actually came first by two years, debuting in London’s Royal Court Theatre in June of 1973. It’s staying power for over a half-century, traveling the world and attracting a number of celebrities to play the iconic roles of the entire cast continues its legacy through October 29th at the Kalita Humphreys Theater in Dallas.

With a single set alongside two video screens that fill in the story details in the most hilarious and entertaining way (I’m not going to spoil it here if you don’t know), this production truly captures the spirit of both the stage production and screen version on a level that is nothing short of Broadway quality. With Noah Randall and Christina Austin Lopez as Brad and Janet (respectively) own these roles and make them their own as the young couple whose car breaks down and just need to use a phone for repair. Their plans become completely and totally turned upside-down as they meet Frank ‘N Furter (Lee Walter) and his band of crazy characters during the creation of Frank’s experiments coming to life in Rocky (Alex Heika). Walter is an absolute force of nature in the role of the over-the-top scientist who may or may not be whom Frank claims to be leading a supporting cast that is full-throttle the entire two hours (including intermission) and loving each and every moment of it. Dallas Theater Center regular Liz Mikel (who is a performer who brings it each and every time I have seen her) is also here in two different roles that showcase her talent brilliantly alongside a great live band (with a keytar!) bringing the songs we all know and love to life and a narrator in David Lugo who keeps the story rolling in a way that brings another level to the funny and a level of enjoyment I have not had in a stage production in quite some time.

Another detail that brings this production to the next level is that not only does the production itself invite those that are well-versed in the movie theater experience to bring those moments here with them (they sell bags of the props at the theater, so don’t bring your own but DO come in costume if that’s your gig), the actors themselves really seem to enjoy the partial removal of the fourth wall and react to those that do. Some of the ways have a level of subtlety to them that enhance the comedy that much more while others are fully recognized and given their proper retort in an experience that fans of all levels will leave with a smile on their faces.

Whether The Rocky Horror Show is a spooky-season tradition or something you go to live each and every time it is presented somewhere near you, I honestly believe this is a show that must be seen with THIS cast. With the interactivity that this production welcomes with open arms, it is also possible to be able to enjoy it multiple times with different experiences, so get your tickets now!

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