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Rob Reviews "Wish"

Growing up in South Florida, Disney has been part of my DNA as long as I can remember. In celebrating their 100th anniversary this year, they have put together some amazing events and programming to celebrate a milestone that has touched multiple generations. With Wish, they have taken that celebration to a level that only they can in a way that is absolutely wonderful.

Ariana DeBose plays Asha, a teenage girl living in the kingdom of Rosas, which was founded by king and wizard Magnifico (Chris Pine). One of the things that makes Rosas such a utopia for all of its citizens is that on their eighteenth birthday, their main desire in life (or wish… check) is given over to Magnifico for safe keeping, keeping everyone free of aspirations, with wishes being given back once a month in a ceremony with Magnifico choosing the recipient himself. The citizens seem to be happy, but when Asha’s grandfather does not have his wish granted on his 100th birthday (check), she wishes upon a star (check) and releases that star to her to help her with her quest to now restore the wishes of the entire kingdom once she sees Magnifico for who he truly is.

This film simply blew me away. Nobody knows how to celebrate like The Walt Disney Company, and Wish is able to be its own story while being the centerpiece of that celebration brilliantly. I counted at least twenty-five different types of films, environments, and even attractions (with some having multiple references that I would not be surprised totaled one hundred… check) the animators used as “Easter eggs” that are used in a way that do not distract from this great story about family, friendship, and not giving up on your dreams. As a matter of fact, being the type of person that LOVES looking for the little details that cross-reference other stories and icons, this enhanced my viewing of the film. The balance of homage and original story here is struck perfectly alongside a beautiful visual blend of the hand-drawn style of animation with CGI that gives a really nice depth to its characters and enriches their emotions that much more.

As always, Disney brings a great voice cast to Wish which also includes Alan Tudyk (who actually talks in this one… LOL), Victor Garber, Harvey Guillén, and even Keone Young, whom the animators have captured wonderfully in a way that even when I knew who the voice actors were it didn’t bother me in any way. I found myself welling up more than once with a smile a mile wide as I not only was fully engaged in the film itself but also felt like Disney was doing This is Your Life with me personally and my journey of fandom with The House of Mouse.

I was not quite sure what to expect from Wish, but for the first time in a long time, I can say that I plan on owning a Blu-Ray for this film as quickly as I can. This will also be after at least one more viewing in a theater (in the best possible presentation I can get to) in order to look even deeper for all of the cool stuff that the animators have put into this film that should be celebrated regardless of the anniversary of its company.

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