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Don Reviews "Paterson"

During the work week it seems like most of us are living the same thing over and over. I have to admit that there are so many times where even I find myself counting down the days to the weekend, which tend to also go too fast. When there is a three-day weekend or long vacation, it just seems to be weird to be off on those days, much less coming back from it. There is a just a different feel on having a normal Saturday off versus having a rare Wednesday off.

“Paterson” is the new film directed by Jim Jarmusch (Broken Flowers, Dead Man) and stars Adam Driver (What If, Silence), Golshifteh Farahani (Body of Lies, About Elly), Chasten Harmon (Pure Genius, Elementary), William Jackson Harper (True Story, The Breaks), and Barry Shabaka Henley (Collateral, The Terminal). The film revolves around a New Jersey public bus driver named Paterson (Driver), who lives with his lady, Laura (Farahani), who does not work but is artistic and loves the colors of black and white. They have a bulldog and likes to go to a bar after work while walking him. And... That’s about it.

This film shows New Jersey well, even though there is really nothing to rave about, but it works. Henley did fine as usual and Driver was fine, but really, there are no mouth dropping performances. The sad part is, I thought the best acting role was done by the pet bulldog.

I hate to say it, but it had as much of a plot as “Knight of Cups” did. I truly did not get this film; there was nothing to it, except following the guy who was a bus driver and a week in his un-eventful life. This film left me bewildered, and will never watch it again nor will I recommend it. I hate to say it but this film will make my top 10 worst films of the year list. Plain and simple, don’t waste your time on this movie.

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