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Don Reviews "Road To The Well"

In this review, I am commenting on a subject matter of a more of an adult nature in the perfect murder. How often does it really happen? In reality, there are instances (there have been television series dedicated to it), but that is rare. One of the biggest issues in pulling it off is what to do with the body if you never want it to be found. Considering there are no statutes of limitation on murder, what happens when the body is found years later? “Road to the Well” deals with this a bit.

Written, produced and directed by Jon Cvack, “Road to the Well” stars Micah Parker (Mob City, Thumper), Laurence Fuller (Kick, Mother & Brother), Rosalie McIntire (Entourage, Sllip), Barak Hardley (The Bronze, Bounty Killer), and Marshall R. Teague (The Rock, Road House). A drifter named Jack (Parker) visits an old friend named Frank (Fuller), and through a string of events, they end up entangled in a murder that neither one of them feel they can prove their innocence in, so they decide to take a trip to dispose of the body in the remote wilderness of a cabin owned by their buddy, Chris (Hardley).

This is an independent film in look and feel, but that is not a bad thing here. When it came to the acting, I had no complaints, with Parker and Fuller playing their roles well. The supporting cast also does a good job here of helping tell the story of the adventure of Jack and Frank.

There were a few scenes that may have not have been needed and maybe 10 minutes could have been cut, but overall it was good and was paced nicely. There is a certain level of predictability, but not enough to ruin my experience. This is one of those films where one bad event opens a Pandora’s Box of other events that spiral out of control and may not be for everyone due to the subject matter and the independent feel. I will recommend the film as a rental on your favorite on-line platform.

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