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Don Reviews "Table 19"

At a certain time in my life, I worked at the Four Seasons Resort for six years on a part-time basis in the banquet department where I literally worked hundreds of wedding receptions. From weddings where they spent $25,000 on the cake and $50,000 on the flowers to the most economical, I have truly seen it all and have been told on more than one occasion that I should write a book on some of the stuff I have seen and experienced.

“Table 19” takes place at a wedding reception and is directed by Jeffrey Blitz (Lucky, Spellbound). Starring Anna Kendrick (Up in the Air, Pitch Perfect), Lisa Kudrow (Easy A, Analyze This), Craig Robinson (This is the End, The Office), Stephen Merchant (Logan, Hall Pass), Tony Revolori (Dope, Son of Zorn), June Squibb (About Schmidt, Nebraska), and Wyatt Russell (22 Jump Street, Black Mirror), the story centers around Eloise (Kendrick), the very recent ex of the best man and brother of the bride, Teddy (Russell). After she decides to go, she realizes that she is assigned to the far back table with a group of people who are considered the ones who were invited but not expected to show up. What follows is a comedy about a bunch of outcasts who dive deep into personal relationships.

The look of the film was good and fit the feel of the film really well. When it comes to the acting, Kendrick did well, as do the rest of the main cast. They seemed like the odd couple that really worked well together. The film is mostly a comedy (which does have some adult material, but doesn’t get too raunchy), but it had a real underlying issue of relationships, and there was a great balance between the two. Of course with my history of working weddings, this film brought back some memories of the day and is a good date night film. The film was the right length that did not drag. I will definitely recommend this film as the coveted full price in theaters.

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