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Don Reviews "Bomb City"

For decades now, there have been the clashes of the social groups, like Jocks Vs. Stoners or Sports Athletes Vs. Punkers. The nicknames are endless, but when it comes down to it clashes between groups goes on in almost every big high school out there. There have actually been documented cases where groups have brawled it out in what can only be described as a rumble, but rarely does it get extreme as the subject of “Bomb City”.

"Bomb City" is directed by Jameson Brooks (Behold the Noose, Somniphobia) and stars Glenn Morshower (24, Dark Places), Dave Davis (True Detective, The Big Short), Major Dodge (30 Rock, Atomic Shark), Logan Huffman (V, Lymelife), Eddie Hassell (Jobs, 2012), and Cody Cates (The Grounds, Weekender). Based on a true story in Amarillo Texas in 1997, it deals with a group of punk rockers who deal with life in conservative Texas that escalates to the question of justice with the rivalry between the athletes and the outcasts gets way out of hand.

Even though this is an independent film, it has incredible production value throughout. The scenes of showing Amarillo are done very well (especially those shot at night), even though the film was not entirely shot there. When it comes to the acting, the entire cast does well, with Morshower getting my shout out how he portrays one of the attorneys, as does Davis as Brian, who reminded me of some fellow punk rockers I have known. There was overall great acting by the cast, as I really felt the tension between the athletes and the outcasts.

I think this film is better if you also do not know the real life story going in because there are some turns I think that will surprise you if you know very little going in. But even though I knew a little of the story before screening this film, I could really see what the director was trying to do with the story. If I had to have one minor complaint, it would be they spent too much time on the building of the characters over dealing with the big events and aftermath of the true life events. The sound is also very well done in at least five times where there is a build up to major events, and each time the sound really enhanced the feel, keeping me emotionally invested. Overall, there is truly nothing I really did not like about the film and does a good job of dealing with a true life tragedy. I will definitely recommend his film with my coveted full price at the theater recommendation. In fact, this film will probably make my Top Films of the Year.

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