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Don Reviews "Their Finest"

Propaganda has been used throughout history one form or another. Whether during wartime through films and announcements or some news networks, they tend to tell the audience what they want to hear with their views which may not necessarily feature the whole truth. However, in some ways it is can be a necessary evil for people to get behind a good cause.

"Their Finest" is a new film directed by Lone Scherfig (The Riot Club, The Astronauts Wives Club). Starring Gemma Arterton (Quantum of Solace, Clash of the Titans), Sam Claflin (Me Before You, The Huntsman: Winter's War), Bill Nighy (Love Actually, Hot Fuzz), Jack Huston (Ben-Hur, Outlander), Paul Ritter (The Libertine, The Eagle), Henry Goodman (Notting Hill, The Damned Untied), and Eddie Marsan (Hancock, The Illusionist), it takes place World War II England where Catrin Cole (Arterton) is hired to write scripts for the Film Division of the Ministry of Information. She is married to Ellis (Hutson), a starving artist who is hitting hard times, and when Catrin's division is working on an upcoming war film, the details are stretched a bit with the intention of raising morale and get the Brits behind the war effort. What follows is Catrin dealing with relationships while her crew tries to finish the film during the everyday life of war and bombings.

The sets and props are historically correct and really shows England in war torn times well. The lighting scenery is kind of cloudy and gloomy, but it enhances the mood of the people and the storyline of the film. When it comes to the acting, it is fine, with well accomplished actors like Nighy pulling through. I had no complaints, but there are no real shining star performances which makes me want to rave about.

When it comes to the plot, this is where I am conflicted. There is a good blend of comedy and drama with a good plot, and I see what they are trying to get across. Unfortunately, this film really and truly dragged for me. I felt its entire almost two hours, and twenty minutes easily could have been cut. The odd thing is that there is a good plot but the pacing is way off. The film is still good, especially if you like British films and humor, but I will recommend “Their Finest” as a cable TV showing.

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