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Don Reviews "Get Out"

Remember the first boyfriend or girlfriend whose parents you had to meet? When I met the parents of my first girlfriend in Montana, I tried to be respectful and had her back home in time, but her dad was always quiet and for the world of me I could never figure out if he approved of me or not. In “Get Out,” written and directed and directed by half of the popular “Key & Peele” from Comedy Central, Jordan Peel, takes an interesting look at this concept.

Starring Daniel Kaluuya (Kick-Ass 2, Johnny English Reborn), Allison Williams (The league, Girls), Bradley Whitford (Scent of a Woman, Saving Mr. Banks), Catherine Keener (Captain Phillips, The 40-Year Old Virgin), Marcus Henderson (Whiplash, Django Unchained), Betty Gabriel (Good Girls Revolt, The Purge: Election Year), Lakeith Stanfield (Straight Out of Compton, Short Term 12), LilRel Howery (Get a Job, The Carmichael Show), and Stephen Root (Office Space, Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story). Chris (Kaluuya) lives in the big city and has been dating Rose (Williams) for a few months. They decide to go on a weekend vacation to the Rose’s parents’ home where Chris can meet them for the first time. Dean (Whitford), who is a retired neurosurgeon, and Missy (Keener) who is a psychologist, live in a huge estate way out in the secluded boondocks, and while the reception between Chris and the parents starts off on a good note, as the weekend progresses, weird things start to happen and Chris finds himself in a situation that is more than he expected.

The outdoor scenes in the day are sunny, but when things started to sour, it was mostly cloudy, which I thought enhances the film. The film takes place mostly at the estate, so with the nature around it, the scenery has some real beautiful shots. The whole cast does well, but with actors in this cast like Whitford, Keener, Gabriel, and Root, there is quality here. I do have to give a shout out to Howery, due to character adds that relief to tense situations and makes the film have a little fun in film that is mostly serious in nature.

The film starts off with ta a story that seems a little predictable, but as the film goes on, the plot really takes a turn that I did not see coming. I was truly surprised in a very good way. At about an hour and forty-five minutes long, it is the perfect length with a plot that flowed well and did not really drag for me after it truly gets into the core plot. This is an intense film, but there are some comedic moments to balance the tense situations. This film may not be for everyone, but if you want a film of a good intense plot with a mix of comedy with has some twists and turns that are not too predictable, I think you may enjoy this film. I will definitely recommend this film as a twilight showing in the theaters.

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