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Don Reviews "Free Fire"

Many times when we talk Pro Wrestling on our show, one of the topics that comes up is “contract signings” in the sense of a storyline. When that happens, something will always go wrong followed by a huge brawl, without fail. There are many other situations in life that when you look at the situation, something is always going to go south, like when a driver who thinks it is OK to text and drive and take their eyes off the road for a longer period than normal.

“Free Fire” is the new film directed by Ben Wheatley (High-Rise, Sightseers) and stars Sharlto Copley (Chappie, Elysium), Brie Larson (Room, Short term 12), Armie Hammer (Nocturnal, The Social Network), Cillian Murphy (Inception, The Dark Knight), Enzo Cilenti (The Martian, The Theory of Everything), Sam Riley (Control, Maleficent), Jack Reynor (Grassland, Sing Street), Babou Ceesay (Severance, Eye in the Sky), and Michael Smiley (Kill List, Rouge One). Taking place in 1978 Boston, there is an illegal arms deal set between the buyers who are led by an Irishman named Frank (Smiley) and the locals led by Vernon (Copley). During the deal, things end going sideways and a huge gunfight ensue.

This film takes mostly in an abandoned warehouse at night, and its dark look with a gritty feel compliments the action really well, enhanced by its historically correct sets and props. There is also a very limited cast of roughly 12 people, so there really is no lead character, so with an ensemble, they integrate well with serious moments mixed with their own unique style of comedy that works great.

“Free Fire” is only about 90 minutes long, but it is the right length. The plot is very simplistic overall, but it kept me interested. The film is very violent, but with a ton (and I mean a ton) of adult humor, it works perfectly. This film is not for everyone, as it may offend a lot of people, but if you can leave the PC at the door and want a film that just has a lot of violent comedy, this is your film. I really truly enjoyed this film and surprisingly, I am giving it the coveted full price at the theaters.

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