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Don Reviews "Kingsman: The Golden Circle"

There have been many film series based on international espionage, from “Mission Impossible” to of course “James Bond,” with characters living life on the edge, surviving dangerous situations, saving the world, and of course getting the girl. The question does have to be asked from time to time about how these characters exist outside of their adrenaline-filled missions, at least for me. I am not sure whether or not I would want to live that kind of life.

“Kingsman: The Golden Circle” is the new film directed by Matthew Vaughn (Kick-Ass, Stardust) with returning stars Taron Egerton (Sing, Eddie The Eagle), Colin Firth (The King’s Speech, Love Actually), Mark Strong (The Imitation Game, 6 Days), and Hanna Alstrom (Sami Blood, Crossing Lines) as well as new cast members Channing Tatum (The Hateful Eight, 21 Jump Street), Julianne Moore (The Big Lebowski, Wonderstuck), Michael Gambon (Sleepy Hollow, Gosford Park), Jeff Bridges (The Big Lebowski, True Grit), Pedro Pascal (Narcos, The Great Wall), and Halle Berry (Swordfish, X-Men). The film starts about a year after the original ended, with Eggsy (Egerton) still at Kingsman as an attack on the organization by Poppy (Moore), the world’s leading drug lord, resulting in major losses. The remaining members go to Kentucky to get help by their American counterparts, Statesman, whose cover business is a whiskey distillery.

I did like the look here, with scenes shot all over the globe and great CGI work. The CGI used to enhance the weapons really helps, including my favorite, the “Lassoooo”. When it comes to the acting, it is on par with the original between the cast returning as well as the ton of star power added with Moore, Berry, Tatum, and Bridges really enhancing the cast and acting. My non-leading role shout out goes to Pascal who played “Whiskey”, seemingly having the cowboy characteristic down pat.

Usually sequels are not as good as the original, nut not in this case. Even at almost two hours and twenty minutes long (which I had issue with), I still enjoyed it, had fun, and kept me interested including a great soundtrack. There are some adult situations and a ton of violence like the original, so be warned, but if you want a fun action film and leave the brain at the door, have at this one. Again, I enjoyed this film and I will recommend it as a matinee showing at the theaters.

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