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Don Reviews "Thank You For Your Service"

We all have an idea what PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is, and our country has made leaps in trying to deal with the issue. In prior times they had different names for it like “Battle Fatigue” or “Shell Shock” from a time where the military and government dealt with the issue by basically wanting our soldiers to tough it out.

“Thank You for Your Service” is the new film adapted for the screen Jason Hall, who is also making his feature directorial debut. Starring Miles Teller (Whiplash, War Dogs), Beulah Koale (The Last Saint, The Kick), Haley Bennett (The Magnificent Seven, The Girl on the Train), Keisha Castle-Hughes (Red Dog, Whale Rider), Joe Cole (Skins, Green Room), and Scott Haze (Child of God, Mully) and inspired by true events, it is the story of three Army veterans returning home after serving in Iraq in 2007 and as they try to deal with PTSD and returning to civilian life. The film is based on Adam (Miles) and two people who were in his platoon named Aieti (Koale) and Waller (Cole) who live in the same area, all with different consequences from the same situations.

This film basically takes place in Middle America with a few scenes in Iraq and looks really well done. Teller and Koale do a great job in showing people that have mental issues who try to be strong and hide them and act like nothing is wrong, as do the supporting cast of Bennett and Castle-Hughes, playing the supportive ladies who give them their room in life but are worried and as you expect it comes to a boil when affecting their relationships and family.

When it comes to the plot, I am a little conflicted because it is almost two hours and seemed a little long. The film flowed well enough, but it seemed like the message was being pushed just a little too much on topics like the VA, but that is a conversation for a different day. It has some brutal scenes and deals with some tough issues, pulling no punches. I liked the realistic brutality (both physically and mentally) as well as how it really deals with PTSD and its aftermath. It just seemed a little too long and a tad too preachy. I will still recommend this film as a matinee showing in your local theater, but if you are a vet dealing with any of these issues, please be warned, and it may be a little too realistic.

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