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Don Reviews "The Post"

Freedom of the press is one of the cornerstones of our Constitution. Being a part of the media myself, I believe in and enjoy the freedom of speech and the press, but the question remains of where the line lies between responsible journalism and violations of national security. It is a “hot button” topic that has been debated for decades, and one of the most famous cases arguing this concept has become “The Post”.

Directed by Steven Spielberg (Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Jaws) and starring Tom Hanks (Forrest Gump, Cast Away), Meryl Streep (Out of Africa, Doubt), Sarah Paulson (Serenity, 12 Years a Slave), Bob Odenkirk (Nebraska, Breaking Bad), Tracy Letts (Killer Joe, The Lovers), Bradley Whitford (Get Out, Megan Leavey), Allison Brie (The Lego Movie, The Disaster Artist), Matthew Rhys (Burnt, The Americans), and Bruce Greenwood (Gold, Mad Men), it is the true story dealing with The Washington Post, The New York Times, and “Pentagon Papers” of the 1970s. Kay Graham (Streep) is the first female major newspaper publisher in America as she begins to run The Washington Post after the passing of her husband with Ben Bradlee (Hanks) as its executive editor. The staff is able to get copies of a stolen report that reveals lies and actions involving the Vietnam War that goes back four presidencies that The New York Times had first and were censored by the Federal Government. With a need to inform the American public that could wind all of them up in prison, Bradlee, Graham, and everyone employed by the paper face a decision that tests the law, the media, and the country.

Spielberg’s filming style really enhanced the look of the film overall, including historically accurate props, sets and locations. Here is the thing when it comes to the acting: even though this is “Oscar Bait” without a doubt, and this will get all the nominations due to it was Spielberg, Hanks and Streep. For me though, their acting in this film is not a stand-out performance for anyone.

I do like how the story is told by showing what went on behind the scenes to try to publish the papers, but was very slow as it began. It did pick up the pace as the film went along, but the first hour was just OK. Given all of this, I will still recommend this film as a second run showing in the theaters.

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