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  • Jenn Rohm

Jenn Rohm Reviews "Gringo"

You’re living life, singing in the car to the radio, working with a friend, make the right choices, thinking life is good and then you find out that may not in fact be true. How far do you go down that proverbial rabbit hole before your world falls completely apart and getting to the other side?

David Oyelowo’s Harold Soyinka deals with this in Nash Edgerton’s “Gringo,” showing a wide range of his acting ability. With a genuine smile and a kind word or gesture for everyone, he made contact with me, drew me in, and really made me want to become his friend. The interplay between Richard Rusk (John Edgerton) and Elaine Markinson (Charlize Theron) as his bosses simply chasing after the almighty dollar and personal pleasure in life are a bit stereotypical with taking an ‘afternoon delight’ break at the office and using feminine persuasion to get her way, but their characters are enjoyable to watch. Amanda Seyfried and Harry Treadway are featured in a subplot going that added some moments of humor and human kindness as well, but their characters could have been rolled up into others.

You should see this movie at a twilight showing to avoid crowds an then discuss it over dinner. Make sure to keep an eye out for cameos by Paris Jackson and Kenneth Choi as well as a small turn by Alan Ruck of “Ferris Bueller” and “Spin City” fame. Final props to Daphne as Riley the dog stealing the opening scene.

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