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Don Reviews "Escape Room"

Escape rooms have become very popular recently, and even I have tried it once. For those unaware, a group of people are put into a room and through hidden clues and puzzles, the group has to work their way out in a set of time. Most of them offer clues to some of the puzzles, but there is a time cost in most cases. In my experience, our group did not make it out in the time we had, but we still had fun and knew we were really not locked in. In actor/director Adam Robitel’s “Escape Room,” he takes this concept to a new level.

Taylor Russell (Lost in Space) plays Zoey, a college student who is smart but not very outgoing. She winds up with five other people in a very elaborate multiple room challenge where they can win $10,000 if they can make it out, but soon realize that the stakes are even higher as their very lives depend on making it from one room to another.

The cinematography was a good fit, and I was very impressed how the cast was able to go from one room to another that have totally different sceneries, especially since they were all so different from each of the others. There are a few supporting roles who are only the film for a short time or a scene or two, but the focus is on the six characters who are involved in the challenge. Russell does well as the lead, but I really liked how all of them worked together, since they were all as different to each other as the rooms were.

I liked that this film gives a fresh twist on the thriller genre, and at an hour and forty minutes, it felt right. It did remind me in a way of some of the films from the “Saw” series in that there are challenges that can cost the characters in the worst way, but the only thing that bugged me was the ending which was was way out there on its resolution along with a high level of suspension of disbelief. If you are a fan of films like this, I will recommend “Escape Room” but at the level of a matinee to twilight showing in the theaters.

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