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  • Jenn Rohm

Jenn Rohm Reviews "After The Wedding"

“After the Wedding” one of those films where the less research done before seeing it, the more it can be enjoyed. Starting off in Kolkata, Isabel (Michelle Williams) works for an orphanage she co-founded. After a mysterious benefactor named Theresa (Julianne Moore) offers the orphanage a large sum of money if she will come to New York to meet with them, an adventure begins... and that is as far as I am willing to go as far as the plot goes.

“The Myth of Fingerprints” director Bart Freundlich shows this strong cast in a visually stimulating way. Based on a Danish film from 2006 there are a few changes made including some gender swap and location), and there ARE moments that I truly enjoyed (which says a lot about the first part of this sentence. The script itself is one that I feel has been told to often, but those visuals paired with strong acting that also includes Billy Crudup, Abby Quinn, and Will Chase, I did not feel like my time was totally wasted.

If expectations are lowered to the point where a formulaic storyline will not take away from a film itself, then check “After the Wedding” out for a break from the normal summer fare.

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