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Jenn Rohm Reviews "The Irishman"

In 2014, Martin Scorsese announced that he would be both directing and producing a film based on Charles Branolt’s Book “I Heard You Paint Houses” as “The Irishman”. With a budget that cleared $150 million, this was his biggest undertaking to date, it premiered at the New York Film Festival this year, and even though it will bow on Netflix later this month, it is getting a limited theatrical release.

As a mob film about a meat delivery drier that becomes a part of the Bufalino crime family, this one delivers the heavy hitters. Robert DeNiro is not only a producer, he is the lead character or Frank “The Irishman” Sheeran. Following multiple requests, Joe Pesci agreed to come out of retirement to portray Russell Buaflino, the head of the crime family while Al Pacino plays Jimmy Hoffa, whom they work very closely with. There are other actors that are familiar with this genre such as Bobby Cannavale and Harvey Keitel, while some surprises like Ray Romano that match the amazing job of the rest of the cast.

“The Irishman” has the look and feel of the ‘60’s and ‘70s not just with the costuming, but also with its sets, the cars and even cigarette machines that took me back. I was also so interested that I was able to stay with it through its entire THREE-AND-A-HALF-HOUR runtime, so go into this movie for the fun of a mob movie, but don’t expect it to be one hundred percent fact, since there is still a large amount of debate as to what really happened to Hoffa.

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