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Don Reviews "21 Bridges"

There has been talk about the “thin blue line” pertaining to police (and even the corruption of the force) for a long time. For those on the force, the dilemma is the thought that if you are not part of the scheme, than you will not get back up or be labeled a “rat” in an environment where they are to feel as if their fellow officers are members of their family. With “21 Bridges,” this is looked at with Chadwick Boseman (Black Panther), Sienna Miller (Layer Cake), J.K. Simmons (Oz), and Keith David (They Live).

Directed by Brian Kirk (Luck), this story revolves around NYPD detective Andre Davis (Boseman), a good detective dealing with an Internal Affairs inquiry from a past shooting he claims was justified. During this time, two criminals named Ray (Taylor Kitsch) and Michael (Stephan James), go into a fine dining restaurant after closing which is empty outside of the manager to steal what they are told are drugs being stashed there. When four officers show up to the door, Ray and Michael not only kill all of them but also the four that are called in for backup. As a citywide manhunt gets under way, the police find out that the criminals are on Manhattan Island, which leads to that part of the city to be shut down. As Andre (who is the lead on the shootings) tries to find the criminals alive, he starts to feel there may be more to the story while Ray and Michael are being hunted to be captured dead or alive.

“21 Bridges” film basically takes place over one night and is shot very well, and the fact that it is New York after dark just makes it fit that much more. Miller and Boseman do great as the leads, as does the supporting cast, with James and Kitsch standing out as the criminals who will do whatever it takes to survive another day without being captured.

This film is about an hour and forty minutes long, which was about the right, starting off with a fast pace and keeping it there with solid action. The plot may be a tad predictable, but it was still good; however, it just tended to portray all of the NYPD officers and bloodthirsty people who just want the kill the two criminals. Even with this, I will recommend the film as a matinee showing in the theaters.

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