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Don Reviews "Bloodshot"

Some people believe in extraordinary abilities like ESP, telekinesis or déjà vum but I believe there is some form of all three. There are times I will have dreams of the most insignificant things and then it happens in real life down the road, and I am still waiting for the one that gives me the winning mega-millions numbers. But what happens when those things are man-made? With “Bloodshot,” there is a take on this.

Directed by Dave Wilson (Love, Death & Roots) Vin Diesel stars as Ray Garrison, a special ops soldier who is married to Gina (Talulah Riley). After completing a mission in Africa, they are captured by Martin Axe (Tony Kebbell), and they are both killed. When Ray awakens in a lab run by Dr. Emil Harting (Guy Pearce), he finds his body reconstructed with a new high-tech material which gives him instant healing capabilities because of nanites injected into his bloodstream that also makes him a living supercomputer. When he finds out that all may not be what it seems, Ray seeks revenge on those that have truly wronged him.

The cinematography fit the film, from virtual sets to those on location around the world. This film is based on a comic book series (so there is a lot of CGI), but it is done well to match the action. This also comes with the level of acting that can be expected with action stars like Diesel, pros like Pearce and young talent like “Baby Driver” star Elza Gonzalez.

The downside for me lies in the second half of “Bloodshot,” where the twists and turns start. This got a bit complicated for my liking and once I understood the underlying story, it moved into predictability. At almost a solid two hours, it is a bit too long, but I will still recommend “Bloodshot” as a viewing in a second-run theater.

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