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Don Reviews "Bodies Bodies Bodies"

Hurricane parties are a strange thing; a bunch of people getting drunk while welcoming in a storm thinking it will be a good time. There is actually another version of this term that involves people who gather to simply be together and ride out the storm by combining resources and have that strength in numbers. Halina Rejin’s (Instinct) “Bodies Bodies Bodies” kind of works that grey area in between the two.

Bee (Maria Bakalova) is in a new relationship with Sophie (Amandla Stenberg), and they go to one of these hurricane parties at the home of Sophie’s friend, David (Pete Davidson), alongside Alice (Rachel Sennott), Emma (Chase Sui Wonders), Jordan (Myha’la Herrold) and Greg (Lee Pace). When the storm kicks up, the group decides to play a game called “Murder In the Dark,” where one person plays the “killer” and takes victims by whispering in their ear that they are dead and the others trying to figure out who it is when the lights come up. When one of them winds up dead for real, the chase is on to find out who is taking the game WAY too seriously.

The cast here is pretty much only seven actors, and they do have good chemistry. The performances here work for what this film is, and even tells its connections between the characters without the use of flashbacks, which may have slowed down the story itself. As the story unfolds, there are some very good moments that keep the tension up as emotions take over and logic goes out the window for those who are still alive. Even the creepy vibe of the house itself enhanced the experience for me.

At just over an hour and a half, the story moves along nicely especially with the type of script that has done a number of times before with more of a Generation Z vibe to it. There is a great twist towards the end of “Bodies Bodies Bodies” that actually made me go back and see if I could have figured it out given the clues that may have been seen earlier, and to make me do that it’s a good thing. I did not love or hate this film, but I am glad I watched it, so I will recommend “Bodies Bodies Bodies” as a Red Box rental.

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