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Don Reviews "Borat Subsequent Moviefilm"

Love him or hate him, Sacha Baron Cohen is a very talented actor and content creator. I love his characters like Ali-G, Borat, and Bruno where he has people convinced that they are in a normal situation like an interview while poking holes at them without their immediate knowledge. ”Borat” in 2006 is one of my personal favorites and one that had me laughing more than I had in years. Recently, it was reported that not only would a sequel be coming but that it was already done, so let’s talk about “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm”.

Directed by Jason Woliner (Eagleheart, New Girl), this film is basically Coheh and Maria Bakalova (Last Call, Gomorrah), and it has been fourteen years since the release of the original film with Borat being shunned from his home country of Kazakhstan since they government felt it showed them in a bad light. In order to redeem himself, he must get the trust of American President “McDonald Trump,” which they believe would get them also on the side of the leaders of other “glorious countries” like Russia and North Korea, undoing the damage that the first film did. Borat’s mission is to go back to America to bribe the people in the inner circle of the President in order to get access to him, which results in his further adventures.

Let me say this: there are already headlines about a scene with a well-known political figure that shocked even me. You may have even read about it yourself. It is definitely one that will stay with me, but be warned going in.

The cinematography, special effects, look, and plot lines are basically the same as the original film, which here was not necessarily a bad thing as it felt it was just a continuation versus a sequel. Just like before, Borat uses many “disguises,” but this time it is to try and hide his “celebrity” status because of the first film. There are some moments that I thought got a little stale, but it still has some good comedic moments, like those where people are interviewed not knowing they are being made fun of. I was surprised at how good this film is with the history of sequels not doing well, especially in this format. Whether or not I would recommend it would completely depend on how much you enjoyed the first film or not; if you did, you should enjoy it and if not, there is nothing that will bring you around. Check it out on your favorite streaming service!

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