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Don Reviews "Bros"

Given the number of films out there that deal with love and relationships, how do you do make one that has a fresh and different take? Given the way society’s views of things have changed over the years, a few filmmakers have found a way, and the director of “Get Him to the Greek” in Nicholas Stoller takes a shot with “Bros”.

Bobby Leiber (Billy Eichner) is a gay man who runs a podcast as well as an LBGTQ museum. He has a bit of an attitude on him which could be why he seems to be scared of commitment, so when he meets estate attorney Aaron Shepard (Luke Macfarlane), who is kind of in the same boat, both of their lives are changed as they navigate their own feelings and those of each other.

To me, this felt like a gay version of “You Got Mail” with a well-written and funny script, but that also is where I wasn’t as happy with this film as I could have been. Eichner also co-wrote the script, which REALLY leans into the major themes of “Bros” a bit more than I wish it had. It just got kind of old after a while, and for a film that runs almost two hours, that was A LOT. Honestly, this could have been about thirty minutes shorter and been a better time at the movies.

For those with a more conservative sensibility, this may be a bit much with its subject matter, adult scenes, and adult situations. It’s very up front with the way it approaches same-sex relationships and all of the things involved there, so make sure to understand that before deciding whether or not to see “Bros”. I did enjoy it a bit, but I cannot recommend it more than as a Redbox rental.

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