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Don Reviews "Bullet Train"

I grew up in a railroad family with my grandfather, one of my uncles, and an aunt all worked their entire career for the BN Railroad Company. Even with this being true, I have only been on a train a couple times but truly respect what they can do to the point where I am cautious every time I drive over a railroad crossing. With David Leitch (Atomic Blonde) and his new film, “Bullet Train,” this goes to a different level.

It's modern day Japan, and the famous train in the title is filled with people who are unaware how their lives are about to intertwine. From the criminal known as “Ladybug” (Brad Pitt) to characters called “Prince” (Joey King), “Lemon” (Bryan Tyree Henry), “Wolf” (Bad Bunny under his given name of Benito A Martinez Ocasio), “Tangerine” (Aaron Taylor-Johnson), and the only person using their real name in Kimura (Andrew Koji), it’s gonna be a long ride to Kyoto

This film is one that has its own niche, and although it influences from other films and genres it doesn’t fit any single one but is one big mixture of comedy, violence, and drama. Leitch also directed “Deadpool 2,” which makes sense after seeing this because he has a way that can make even death funny and sharply funny. From that work also comes his way to know how to set up a soundtrack, and although I am not much of a guy that is into them, this is one I am interested in and may actually buy.

“Bullet Train” is just over two hours long and moves along nicely. The script really tells the story of its characters strongly especially given the number of plotlines that have to intersect and make sense. Even the train itself is a character like “Snowpeircer”, along with a TON of cameos (do yourself a favor and don’t let it get spoiled). There is some graphic violence, but that adds to the fun, so I will recommend “Bullet Train” as a full price in the theaters.

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