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Don Reviews "Lightyear"

One of the big trends these days is the “spin-off” where a show of some form takes elements of a popular series and gives it a different spotlight like the projects from “CSI”, Law & Order,” “The Fast and the Furious”. I am not saying that “Lightyear” is in this same vein, but the comparisons can be made.

Directed by Angus Maclane (Finding Dory), this animated film in the “Toy Story” universe features the voice talents of Chris Evans, Keke Palmer, Peter Sohn, Taika Waititi, Dale Soules, James Brolin, Uzo Aduba & Isiah Whitlock Jr. In this film, Buzz Lightyear (Evans), who is a ranger in Star Command along with his Commanding Officer Alisha Hawthorne (Aduba) are exploring a new planet called Tikana Prime where they find great resources but also some dangers. As they try to evacuate, but their ship is damaged, stranding them there for a bit longer. Realizing the fuel cell is damaged, they try to replicate it without much luck, and this complicates things even further for everyone involved to the point of new co-workers and the threat of a race of evil robots led by his familiar foil, Emperor Zurg (Brolin).

This is from Pixar, so I truly got the quality of animation I expected with a talented voice cast with both established stars and some new voices I think you will be hearing more from in the future. If you are wanting any form of a continuation of the “Toy Story” series however, do not expect it here. The title character himself is really the only thing that connects this film to the famous franchise, and although the script is well done there are parts where it gets a bit complicated. I cannot see how some of the younger ones could understand some things especially later on in the film, so be aware of that. When I look at the original “Toy Story” films, they were more emotional and heartfelt, made more the entire family while “Lightyear” seems to be more of an action-adventure as if Pixar was attempting to do an “Indiana Jones” fil. There is some good comedy, good relationship issues, and the film is about the right length for those I would say over five years old, so I will still recommend this film in a streaming service format.

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