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Don Reviews "The Flash"

If you could go back in time, what kinds of wrongs would you right? Do you understand the repercussions of what those changes could cause to everything that comes after it, also know, as “The Butterfly Effect”? There have been quite a few films recently that have dealt with this subject, and The Flash is the latest of them.

Directed by Andy Muschietti (both chapters of It), the latest installment of the DCEU stars Ezra Miller, Michael Keaton, Ben Affleck, Ron Livingston, Maribel Verdú & Sasha Calle. Barry Allen (Miller) is out helping mankind as a member of the Justice League, and while doing so realizes that if he goes fast enough, he can go back in time. In doing so, he decides to adjust some past events to prevent his mother’s murder, but it causes a ripple effect that changes everything that comes after it. Along with the past version of himself and some alternate versions of people he knows, they do their best to get everything back to what Barry knows and maybe even save the world again.

There are the standard things here that you get from any big-budget superhero film, like being over 2 hours long, huge CGI, surprises, and the big fight sequences at the end. With The Flash, there are a couple of very emotional scenes (especially those dealing with familial relationships) that did enhance it along with the action and comedy. Visually, it is presented pretty well, but I do wonder if this should have been called Batman and The Flash because of the amount that Bruce Wayne is involved in the story itself (which isn’t a bad thing).

The time travel itself is where my issue comes into play. This film seems to put forth that changing something from ten years prior affects events that took place before it. There is a section that deals with the changes made within a timeline, but it almost felt like they were trying to say that if you went back in time to save JFK in 1963, it would affect the events on the night Lincoln was shot. This felt like they simply stole the concepts from Spider-Man: No Way Home¸ but did not do so as well for me. I cannot say that The Flash is a bad film: I loved it and will still recommend seeing it in a second-run theater.

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