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Rob Reviews "Stomp"

Ever since I started college, I have been fascinated by “Stomp”. The production from Britain that simply takes a group of talented percussionists that turn everyday items into drum ensembles with high energy and choreography has toured the world multiple times and has contributed to shows with the Muppets, the Olympic games, and also has their own show in Vegas, “Stomp Out Loud”. There was even an HBO special of that name in 1997 (which I have on VHS somewhere) that blew me away. So, color me biased in this review if you want, but I was fortunate enough to witness this production for myself, as it is being featured at Dallas’s Music Hall at Fair Park for a limited run through February 19th.

With a cast as diverse as it gets, each of their talents is put on display in every way from drumming on everyday objects to dance choreography and even acrobatics. Each performer does a little bit of everything, and whether it is a single performer using his body as an instrument or a trio of them with oil drums strapped to their feet as not only bass drum kicks but also using metal wire to make the noise on the drums themselves, every piece of the stage is used as an instrument at some point, along with a large number of other items from shopping carts to kitchen sinks (and I am not being figurative there). There is even some audience participation that kept the crowd we saw it with completely engaged and right there in the hands of the performers.

Some might be caught off-guard by the fact that there is no storyline or even dialogue involved in this 100-minute presentation, but it really needs neither. “Stomp” is about the creativity of its performers as it pertains to the rhythms and props (which also includes a GREAT section with rhythm and light that is done completely with lighters), and that is truly able to stand on its own over everything else.

I held my bar VERY high for “Stomp” as I walked in the door of Music Hall at Fair Park, and this production met and beat those expectations almost immediately and just kept getting better the longer I was in my seat. I can truly say that anyone that misses the opportunity to experience this one-of-a-kind show will truly be missing out. This is one stage Bucket List item that I am totally proud to be able to check off, and I feel like there is no way I could watch this too many times, so make sure to go any way you can whether here through the weekend or any time that it is in a city near you!

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