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Don Reviews "Let It Be"

Through the years, people wondered what if something incredible was possible, whether it would have been Ali Vs. Tyson, Jordan Vs. Chamberlain or the Steelers of the 70's vs. the 49ers of the 80's. In music there are also a number of the what if's, like what would have become of Led Zeppelin if John Bohnam would not have passed away, and even bigger would have been if The Beatles would have re-united or maybe never even broken up.

"Let it Be" is a production based on their music starring Neil Candelora as Paul, J.T. Curtis as George, Michael Gagliano as John, Chris McBurney as Ringo, and Daniel A. Weiss covering the rest of the instrumentation. Done in two one-hour acts, the first features re-enactments of past famous performances in the different eras of The Beatles career from “The Ed Sullivan Show” up until their final performance in 1970 atop the Apple Building and the second being a "what if" concert if the band got back together and did a reunion show on John Lennon’s 40th birthday, playing their solo hits, past group hits, and even songs that were never performed live.

This is a different kind of production to review due to the fact that there really is no "traditional" acting or plot. It starts off with the infamous appearances on “Ed Sullivan” to their record-setting show Shea Stadium to the “Sgt. Peppers” era and beyond, and it truly works. I felt like I was traveling through a time machine with the band with the help of a back video screen, a few prop changes, and costumes, I felt like I was at five to six different concerts with the band over the years in one.

When it came to the music, I was really impressed, with the group truly sounding like the Fab Four. In the second half when "Imagine" and "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" were played, I was truly blown away. The cast also feeds very well off of the energy of the crowd, and even though I at first thought this simply could be a "tribute band" style of show, it truly sucked me into its experience. There is nothing about this production I did not like. If you are a fan of "The Beatles", this is a definitely a must see, and I give the coveted recommendation of no matter what the ticket price is, just see this show, it is worth it!!!!

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