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  • Don Ford

Don Reviews "Frankenstein"

There are many misconceptions in society that have led to different versions of what people claim to be the truth. Whether it is an old wives’ tale or an urban legend, there are certain things that are taken as “facts” without any testing or proof. Even in the literary world, different takes on the same story can confuse and even cause huge debates amongst people.

“Frankenstein” is currently playing at the Kalita Humphreys Theater in Dallas, but this is the version adapted to the stage by Nick Dear from Mary Shelly’s famous novel. Starring Kim Fischer as The Creature, Alex Organ as Victor Frankenstein, Blake Hackler as De Lacey, Kieran Connolly as Monsieur Frankenstein, Tia Laulusa as The Female Creature, Donovan Covarrubias as William Frankenstein, and Jolly Abraham as Elizabeth Lavenza, this production may be different from what many commonly know. Taking place starting in 1818 Europe, Dr. Victor Frankenstein finds a way to create life, and when he does finds out that it is not what he expects it to be, so his Creature escapes from his lab and ends up ridiculed and living in the shadows. After meeting up with an elderly and blind man named De Laney, who takes him in and cares from him, The Creature learns to read and write in order to become “more human”. After some unfortunate events, The Creature decides to search for his creator in order to find more about both of them and make Frankenstein an offer that could change both of them forever.

I was really impressed with the set design, especially the use of video clips on every part of the stage. There is multiple prop use with two center “walls” that rotate to help with the scene transition on a stage that sits on a giant turntable. The acting is good overall, highlighted by Fischer’s great performance, showing how The Creature grows as the story goes on. About the first third of the first act, he does not speak a single word, speaking through his actions. I also want to recognize Hackler, who adds so much to this production with his mannerisms and comedic timing.

The production did seem a little long, as there are a few points that were rushed and others that had too much time spent. The plot does flow well overall though and I was interested, but the thing that really kept me engaged was the added background noises throughout, including a lot of work by the subwoofers in the sound system. This is not your normal happy-go-lucky production with just a bunch of singing. This is a dark story with some adult situations happen in this production and is not the story of what a lot of the general public may know that is actually closer to the original book in the story than some of the classic films. I did overall enjoy this production and would recommend it as mid-price seating.

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